Friday, October 8, 2010


Welcome back to the rotting blog!
i wonder if there is still any viewers? :X

Just ended my long 26 weeks stressful attachment including exams.
it suck. not the things you had to do suck, it is the people there that suck.

im separated totally with all my closers' friends and
Can't get along in the new class. totally being leftout, (solo-player).
im the target in the class. but no one dares do anything to me~
many just bitch around talking behind backs, im a hot topic!
no body likes me, but i hates no one..
can't believe that guys are better bitches than girls lol.

but im lucky that this attachment is all individual work.
and i have been getting 'A' most of the time :D

alright. i don't want to spoil the mood :D

my favorite icecreams..
Golden hazelnuts and almond~

and there is still 6 golds in in my fridge! hehe.
Peh family + Tan family (cousins) = 2x Restaurant + bowling + pool + Mount faber~
it has been a long time since we last went out as whole together. :D


pretty random but below is the products of my attachment.
Project 3rd hand.

Project hydraulic jack. can lift up till a ton! :D

ah.. see the adorable guy on the right? want his number?
HAHA!. yes. that's me! for the entire 26 weekss~~~

take a nap while you can~ :D

my ah ma serve me super tasty iced oranges from the fridge,
while im mugging for exams. Just like icecream! melt straight in my mouth!
hehe~ heavenly~ :P

hi this is me! do i look like a vampire with a tiny heart? (pale) lol.

nah. im just a typical boy with big eyes and long face~ (*LAUGH!)

children's day.

i went out with 2 children to look for shoes~
Syaiful~ candid :)

" im syai = shy. " he said. LOL.


HI!~ its me again! :P

and i haven't get the shoes done yet.
i neeeeeed one sooon! my shoes is hopeless now.

anyone played the billibow yet?
its fun! $4 per game, just like bowling but with the cue~ :D

and of cos.. he got thrashed by me WAHAHAHAHA.

Defination of thrashed
1. Beat (a person or animal) repeatedly and violently with a stick or whip.
2. Hit (something) hard and repeatedly

along with Melvin and Ian~


i still think i look weird with short fringe T_T sobb sobb..

with zishen, meishan, jackson and cherlyn.
me~ :D


Disturb him wahahaha!

he missed!

my turn~ :D

and i win!~ 12 game = 10 : 2
am i good or what?
LOL!~ jkjk just lucky :P


A day with Bendan~
~East Coast Park~



can see them? lol

left them all alone~ aww~ :P

Ivan Peh
How Are you?


draww draww draww~

Mickey for you! :D

my kids~ :P

my baby girl~ :D

lovely beach. (:

they went swimming!!!~ :D too bad i had no chance to take picture.
hands were wet hahas. :X

benben searching for the loo. but he cannot tahan any more.

Caught red-handed!

haha! they are happy :D

dandan ran away twice while bathing them!
i thought i had to post missing poster for her already.

bad! no treats for you! :X haha.


advance birthday gathering for iskandar, my "son".
Aiz, Riz, Syai, Isk and i (secondary mates) played pooool~
too bad i won again! haa.
the pictures are still not up yet!

after poool, we went cycling at ecp!
we rented a big red thingy. i don't know what issit called.
but it look like this.
$30/hr! haha! ex! but damn fun :D

i think people will thought im also a muslim when im with them LOL.

come to think of it. we are all from different school LOL.
Syai = SP
Isk = RP
Riz = NYP
Aiz = ITE

im iron man!

mickey mouse~

AH too bright!~

iron man!

do we look alike? in the dark? lol.

alright... im gonna hope im going to enjoy my 3week of holiday!

cute animals pictures below :D
omg, how i wish ben dan looks like me! :P

PRO!~ got license de lehh.. :X

spot the different?

lol i know china is good at imitation~ even dogs can be pandas. :P

cuteee~ :D
so this is how firefox's made!



i miss my hamster feifei T_T



Garfield~ :D

thats all! nights! :D
miss me! :X