Sunday, June 28, 2009

my first club. :D

yesterday 28/6/09

went back to school in the afternoon
to do project.
with Zul Ervin Hakim & me.

after that we went tam1 Carl's jr to eat :D:D
super big burger.
quite filling haha.

pretty good! free flow of drinks :D

after that about 8pm
we left and GO HOME!

suddenly~ *ring..riing*
Madeline : " ehh ivan~ wanna go clubbing? very last min LOL "
Ivan : " ARH? NOW? LOL~ ermm.. okok~ i call joyce too! :D "
then about 11pm we reached at Clark quey.

at rebel
okok la~

2 free drinks.
not bad la.
hahaha! quite some time didn't get into this kinda atmosphere already.
the last time was at ngee ann poly zoukout.
pretty similar.

total of 9people including me if im not wrong.
3guys and 6 girls

and here is some pictures.
there were more! but not with me yet :x

oyarh i rmb there is this 2 girls.
dancing infront of joyce mad & me.
hot dance. sia la~
free show! :D
then they ask me go grind them sia.
i dont want. LOL

me & jocelyn (red face)

half of me, joyce & mad.

ME! joyce & mad! (cousins!)

made quite a number of friends in there.
hahas im pretty a stone there. for the beginners
i think its best to just chill first LOL!
dont move too much~ :x

people around ask me "why so sian~"
i felt bad :P but im not sian la.
maybe dont wanna sweat. thats why? LOL!
ya stupid & lame excuse.
i drank 5 glass. including the 2 free drinks.
3 others were people around me give me de :D
there is a group of guys i met. really friendly lol
ahaha! hopefully can see them soon again!

after that.
about 3am++
we went out.

damn stupid. midnight doing pumping at clark quey
then people walk pass : " Waa you very fit ah~ "

joyce doing guys pumping haha STRONG!

after that we walk around.
waiting for bus and train to start.

then i felt a bit nauseous.
stupid la. vomited alittle.
haha! but felt great.
slightly tipsy. but not drunk.

lying down below those all buildings.

then at about 7am.

my shoe got dirty.
but i washed it just before i went to sleep.

oya! and micheal jackson pass away.
pretty sad.
i like his moon walk :D:D
just view some of his past MVs
hmm~ and rest in peace!



Friday, June 26, 2009

credited to my sister.

forced me to put this up =.=

and this. LOL!~
she wearing my clothes and JUMP!~ :D

argh. this few days not enough sleep..
i need 8hrs of sleep!
if not will tired till can die.

my whole class and lecture hall.

cos i keep sneezing.
i don't care. i just sneeze damn loud.
using tissue of cos.

hahaha! luckily as usual not much girls around me.
if not sure scare of me and run far far hide liao :x

stupid sia. kena say got swine because of stupid common flu.
and plus the fact that my bro fever.
people more afraid.
but now. its okay already.
us both.

here is a funny H1N1 video.
Parody of Wonder Girl's 'Nobody' by mr brown.

super lame sia haha.

and yesterday after school.
actually wanted to stay for sociology lecture.
but stayed in library.
till forget time.
then quickly rush off to
meet the FF, im 1hr late!
cos sleeping ><
tired la~

then they all eat, left me alone.
luckily jackson agreed to accompany me eat burger king :D:D

then slack at starbucks till 1130pm
i almost miss last bus.
stupid enough to not notice the time.
got pictures and videos but with nash.
hahas! hopefully she will send me soon :D:D


and now TODAY.
meeting zul and hakim at plaza sing!
we agreed to meet at 9am.
but i reached at 935am

so latee.
i woke up late!!!!!
luckily hakim and zul called my house
and mum wake me up.
at 845am.
if not i sure sleep till.. sun shine on my butt.
less then 1hr to prepare and reach.

then we decided to watch
its good! really! :D:D

after transformers we watched
night at the museum 2!
its good too!

but zul dont like it.

so we watched 2 shows today!

white hakim, orange zul, green ivan.

in the toilet.



went window shopping :D
nice? $96
lols~ i still miss that blazer. $109.

moss burger!

huge fries. with mayo~ :D

1/2 of our ticket price. today.

and after that went daiso!
bought leash for my benben & dandan.

so today spend
movie = $17
food = $8
leash = $4
popcorn = $3
total = $32

lastly some pics to show how lonely im.

alone in the pic :(

never mind i will get use to it.

and there is some cool advertising pictures.

cool huh? :D


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

woke up at 6 today.
eat breakfast,
go school.

reach school.
first lesson = take result.
i was like thinking. argh. no hope.
but suprisingly~
i got 34.5/40
happy la! unexpected. :D:D
4hours of lab.
super tiring.
have to grade your own team mates.
then we decided to give everyone 4/5.
hakim, zul, ervin, me.
all 4points so that teacher wont think that we are cheating :D
and during break.
played so many games of dai di.
win most of the time again. :D:D

after mct.
i went for apel lesson.
most people didnt do the asignment.
therefore teacher extended the date line to this friday.
and oyarh .thanks rebecca! :D:D
if not, i sure duno what to do sia.
apel is some thing like form teacher period.
so we get to know all the result of the term test.
Maths = 83/100 A
POD = 100/100 A
MCT = 86/100 A
ProgAuto = 88/100 A
Sociology = 73/100 B

4A 1B.
so damn happy~
but so damn tired now.

hmm.. stupid FTT. cant believe that i fail it.
after passing 2 e-trail.
didn't expect it la..
really very troubling.

hahas. forget it! its over.

after school.
i went to the library with zul and ervin.
they watched Hula Girls and i watched Billy Elliot.
for the sake of sociology.
need to do presentations about the show.

not bad. a guy dancing ballet.
at first i thought that dancing ballet was gay too.
but actually guys also can do what girls do!
and can even do much better than girls!
why not? right? :D

and while watching.
there is a group of girls watching some other shows too.
i forget the name of the movie.
but there is a part where the couples is in bed.
where the female lead actress is removing her undies.
super funny. they are like omg omg.
hahas! then i turn back and WOW~
and totally forgotten about my show and stared into their screen.
haha seriously damn lame.

after the show.
i went to meet jackson jason jiawei at bizen club room.
i win all the time until, rebecca came.
i start losing. :D

jackson, jiawei, ivan.
using the urinal LOL.

then went home.
eat, bath,
and now here!

there are some super cool pictures below.
please enjoy those " bikini BABES "


WAHAHAHA! they can stranger you to death man!

girls~ please know that if you are really this big size.
even guys will be afraid of you.


but if you dont exercise.
you will soon turn to this.

fattt siaaaa~~~~


so sian laaaaaaa~~~