Tuesday, October 6, 2009



i break. not working.
mid-autumn mah. thats why. :D
met dawei, sharon & jael.


at first i follow my parents to find my ah ma. they all at church.
she ask me go join them. my other uncles & cousins also there.
but soon. i got damn bored. listening to 2 aunty talking. boo~ :x

then soon. i quickly escape and go meet up with dawei.
he ass hole. nvr say early wanna go teoheng. (karaoke)
damn.. :X

Jael, Sharon singing~

dawei, jael flirting~ HAHA! :P
*dont kill me*

Sharon, Ivan :D

i go there waste money only T_T
sit. listen. look. didn't sing. hahaha.
something like

Dawei Sharon Jael Concert!
only audience is ivan!

*don't know why that day damn paiseh.
maybe too long didn't see jael & sharon liao.

or maybe too long didnt mix around with girls liao?

hahas. now even when girls talk to me. i also duno how to reply de.
why ah?

what? did you just said loser?~ yes i know. =.=
booo hoo hooo~

even at work. i dont talk much.

after teoheng.
we went near my place.
there is actually some really dark corners.
but now. light all fixed. not dark any more.
play candles and lantern also not fun~ BOO~

we still walk around.
but didn't get to play candles much.
then because sharon had to go work le.
so we all burned our lantern. and go home.

after that. i went dawei house.


nice~ nice~ yumm.

dawei house~

his niece & nephew insist to take picture for us.

then because of working full shift the next day.
so i went home early T_T actually wanted to stay a bit longer.


sunday, 4/10 & monday, 5/10

working day. so just join them together.

Izakaya Tomo

old posters in the restaurant.

my working environment.

nice right?
but busy leh. damn tired.

kena scolding so many time. :(
by C-san. (assist manager)
just one food not order.
whole day kena nag.

say what take one week or more to learn.
in the end? every thing also i do..

the different between manager & newbie??
when manager did something wrong. (nothing happened)
when newbie did something wrong. (!@#$%!@#)

cold noodles with onion rings, soft shell crab sushi,
chicken terriyaki & dried mackerel.

damn nice~ :D:D

but dinner? only porridge.

hungry~ so i cleared it :D

and at 10pm+

this is one more wrong order.

is M-san take order de. wrong? scold me.
i so nice to scold. yea~ =.=

stupid ppl.
hahas. :x

dad gave me a smiley sticker :)

then today (tuesday 5/10)
actually should be in school now.
bizen camp programmer thingy.

but felt a bit sick and tired.
headache ah headache ><
so decided not to go.
tomorrow morning then go ba.

and tmr is my bro psle~
english. hmm.. jiayou ah ian!
you can do it! :D
tranfered all my GOODLUCKS to you :D

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