Sunday, August 15, 2010



HI! its me again! before haircut..

went to trim and dye my hair with melvin~ :D

wanna take more pics before its too late hehe.

LOL cool huh~


Me after haircut! LOL i still not use to it... :X

Zi lian session~ :D

ah. i think wrong place to zi lian. :X

after that we met up with joyce and went to eat sushi~

OISHI desu~~~ :DD

cousins ftw :D

after sushi~ inception!

super cool~ an open ending, real or dream? i don't know? haha.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice~
went out with mad to watch it,
hahas i wish i can do real magic too! :p

Despicable me!
watch it with ms. :DD haha!


Agnes! :D

hahahahahaa! i wish bendan was pink! LOL jkjk!~


pajamas! haha!

haha must watch :D



MONSTER! ahh! :X lols.

some random pics below.

30th july 2010,
Yvonne's 18th birthday!
the pics is still not with me yet :(

Happy birthday Singapore! :D

ajisen with zs & ms~

Tam inter foodcourt. so many uncles, aunties, ahgongs, ahmas
sitting infront of the small television watching ( 爱 ) lol~
like watching movie sia haha!

6 x 3 = 18 magnum golds! wahhahaah!
18 - me - mum - sis - ahma - me = 13
still got 13 left~ :D

this is what happen when you forget to pull the handbrake.
not me okay~ haha.

i was still half awake when i reach the scene. helpless.

my bro~ the photographer.

some busybody lol.
have you ever wonder why pie is 3.14?
cool huh.

and now its lunar 7th months.
hungry ghost festival.
im always warned by my parent and ahma not to go home too late,
not to anyhow take photos, not to go swimming.

there was onces, i don't know did i encounter it or just imagination.
but i still doubt that it exist. hmm..

it was the first night of the hungry ghost festival,
was on my way home, suddenly 20++ snails pop out.
i almost killed one by stepping it, i find them interesting
so i decided to take a photo of it.

guess what i saw? smokey figure squatting on the right side of the picture.
issit a flash from any passing cars? or just my camera problem?
and to continue
as im about to reaching home, i saw 3 black cats line up diagonally
infront of my unit gate. lol. i was thinking, hmm issit because
my ahma just burned some hell notes
and had some food offerings out there.
that brings the cats here? as there are cats here usually.
but i still choose not to believe. not yet maybe.. (:

HAHAHA pretty spooky huh? :P

alright. thats all~ seeeeeeyarhhh!!!~~~~ :D:D



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