Wednesday, December 23, 2009


hmm.. so busy..
holiday = no use at all.
no time to rest.
projects, out & christmas!

haha. not bad, at least im not bored. :X

in town on the 24th!
are you? :P

i find this 2 kittys pics really cute haha!
like garfield.. lazy~

okay. pictures starts from
19 December 09

went to 313 (somerset)

new look

got it! ($34)


should i? ($35)
if i didnt rmb wrongly

Fresh box

should i? ($30)

should i? ($40)

shades ($33) got it.

stupid mosquito
(call me the mosquito slayer)

20 December 09
out with cousinns~
*Melvin & Madeline & joyce*
to vivo.

when shopping again.

it's a really good show.

must watch. LOL.

Mel & Me

Mad & Me

joyce was at sentosa while we cam-whored.
too bad hahas :X

21 December to 22 December 09

Bze Movie Marathon!~

helper more than participant.

programmers cam-whoring.

while meeting.

while in lift.

and during games.
while participants are playing.

we got nothing much to do.
so we started playing true or dare.

but we played dared all the way haha.

see this monkey? hahahas! W.L if im not wrong.

he jumping around with one foot with hands on head.

and eyes closed for almost 15mins.

Al. doggy. hahas!

and many more.
but too busy laughing to take pictures. :P

and at night, in class room.
we sit around and started singing.
hahas damn fun, like karaoke-ing.

then later.
we all stayed in the LT
till morning watching movies.

i fell asleep.
i wish to fell asleep onces again.
it is all like a dream.

wakey pic =.=

23 December 09
went clubbing with cousins & friends.
at BF :X

the two lovelys nearest to me on my right.
is joyce & mad :D



ended at 3am.
so we just slacked outside & to mac.

24 December 09
christmas eve.
count down for christmas.

this is inside the tree at ion!

went it to took some pictures. HAHA

Beautiful tree.

memories. promises. pacts.


hit 12am and Merry X'mas!~ :D

after counting down. i went over to joyce's place to sleep.
at hougang. along with mel & mad.

mahjiong-ed. :D
i lose. ><
still got a lot more to learn.

25 December 09
Christmas Celebration!
(Dad's side)

at uncle Pat house.
also at hougang.

miniature christmas tree. :D

and in one of the game~ i won the grand prize!
a board game! LOL.

(who gets to kiss ah ma first WINS!)

and of cos. I WIN! <3 <3

Dylan just hugged LOL

issac so scare~ LOL

i played the guitar for the next game.
which is similar to musical chair.

which hurt my finger like hell!~

as it has been awhile since i last touches my guitar already.

Mahjiong Ace.


all my young lovely cousins.

cutee. <3

my present.

26 December 09
another Christmas Celebration.
(Mum's side)

woke up late.
really late. and still.
dont wanna leave my bed.
even after bathing and changing.
(credited to Ian) :X

I love mum.

Muackiesss! <3

then we went to samuel's and Elias's place
( Jurong )

did not take photos there. *forget*

and the best thing is.
the first time experiencing lift break down!
while 10 person is trapped in there.

Kyser & gf , Kevin, Kelyn, their mum, their dad.
Ivan, Ian, my mum, my ah ma.

called for help.

we have no fear at all.
just a bit warm.

still can take photo. :X

we managed to get out.
before the repair man come!

why? because there is a miracle.
i pull the door open HAHA!
strong ah~ :P

The victims.

my presentssss!~
Back at home!


favourite one!
want me to save $ ah? LOL

from Audrey's Family :D

others = clothings & food.
dont really like it :X

Bro and I

Killed another cockroach.
don't know why so many nowadays. =.=

27 December 09
one last LAME pic.

for the end of my so-called 2 weeks holiday.
which i don't really think it is at all. ):


alright. nightts.



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  1. hahahhaha funny experience being stuck in the lift! lucky there's no unpleasant smell. lolx.

    u took my photos... nvr credit me. orh-hor...

    Happy 2010 boy!