Saturday, January 16, 2010

Domo & Small Domo at Natsu Matsuri~

today (15 Jan 10) Friday.

Went to school though there isn't class.
good boy lehh~ :P

nahh. actually went there to order my Lufthansa shirt.
soon on 5th april 2010. will be attachment.
holidays = burnt as well.

My classmates all different groups already.
im the only M803 in class AE2.
sadd. separated. ):


and in the morning~
just before going school~
(photos credit to Ian Peh) :X

kua si mi? :X

mum feed me HONEY DEW!~

drinking Lime juice.

chewing honey dew.

:X hahas. yes. lame. :D


then. went to meet up with Marcus & 小欣 :D
for Jap presentation meeting~
added some changed to the script and finishes the props =]

I was on time! 11.05am sharp.
YEAH! delivery on time lol. :D

in free access lab~

i think we have some spelling error here :X
it should be Natsu Matsuri (Japan Summer Festival)

hahas. but its okay i guess :X


when things get bored. cam whore starts. lol.


Heart with no colours

<3 <3

i think the faces is really damn cute :P
i drew it. of cos :X
but it is 小欣 that colour!~
GREEN!~ <3

saw the guitar she's colouring?
Marcus drew that :D

colouring is hardwork!



gonna meet out soon again to rehearse our play yeah!


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