Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(bai ma wang zi)
Direct translation is white horse prince.
but in Chinese to English dictionary is Prince Charming.

My surname = Peh. In Chinese = 白(Bai)
Im born in the year of Horse. = 马(ma)
Im also the eldest at home. "Crown Prince" = (太子)

so instead I'm “白马太子“
Crown prince charming.

of enough of lame-ing.

forgotten where should i start. hmm.
okay. 6th january, wednesday?

met out with 小欣 and Marcus~
to do our JAP presentation props.

but Marcus pangseh us.
so only left both of us.
hahas! so I DREW! & she COLOUR!

DOMO's (Guitar Shop Signboard)

Gita, we anyhow-ed and make it sound more japanese, LOL.

:D we think it's damn cute hahas!

Final piece!
she's done with the colouring :D

gonna meet up again this Friday i hope!
to complete the guitars (other props) & speechs
hahas! Ganbatte! :D

on the 9th January, Saturday.
my family <3 & i went to my relative's place!
housewarming party.

they bought a new condo. so nice.

Reflection!~ :D:D

there is pool & table tennis in the game room!
kept losing. >< gonna train harder already T_T


then on 10th January, Sunday.
FINALLY! BenBen & DanDan can go out walk walk.

To my Bendan.
sorry babys!
i know i neglected you a bit ><
Nowadays a bit busy ah.
must understand your daddy k:x
Promise! i will bring you out more often hahas!


This time I'm accompanied by my brother, Ian.

笨笨 & 蛋蛋

dandan & benben

Me with my kids :D

they are much much more attached to
me than any of my family members.

Love them to Bits! :D

My baby Dandan want some tongue~ :P

Ian with Them~


Mr cool guy :D

My sexy girl. :X

Meditating. (sleeping) hahas!

My yandao~



dandan smiling!~ LOL.

I <3 the beach.

on the 12th January, Tuesday.
class canceled. stayed at home! :D

heard the song
Officially missing you ?

started practicing on it.
hopefully can play it soon :P


My sis's friend came and
they occupied my lappie whole afternoon!

so i played the whole afternoon.
fingers hurt madly.

My guitar :D


and as usual in school.


hahas. today had jap!
fun. :D i got back my result~

Language = 19/20
Culture = 31/40

both = 50/60

and in 30%
i got 25% secured.
Happy~ shalala~ :D hahas.

after Jap. went aston with meishan, zishen & friend.
and home sweet home.


My bendan gives DOGGY GREETING
so please prepare to be welcomed by them if you are coming.

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