Sunday, May 17, 2009


do you feel stress?

nowadays quite stressful..
" why? "

what guys are always stress of?

for me.

money, family, studies and girls.

all of them.

- money = not enough.

- studies = stressful

- girls? = headache.

add all up together?
= omg.

talk more about my studies.
poly. who say more relax de?
also stressful la! got read newspaper?
i didn't =.=
but my mum did.
i heard someone died because of stress too~
in poly some more~
therefore. poly = stress too..

and because i want to get all A,
who don't want?
i dont want to drop my gpa.
who wants it?

but this semester.
seriously i don't have the confidence to even maintain my GPA.
it may either drop alot~~~
or drop abit.

in both cases.

but of cos i will try my best to either maintain or

therefore i experience STRESS.


let me start on the saturday.

actually planned to meet my two cousin.
jocelyn and madeline.
but.. they mad got something on.
therefore~ cancelled.

after that..
actually planned to go find the FFs.
but because the location..
at hougang. kinda weird place.
nothing much also.
so i didn't go too~

therefore i decided to stay at home
and revise my hmk.

im a good boy..

but after that (at night)
i went to ecp alone to have a walk hahas!

yes i know.
but it is ok to be alone once in awhile i guess.
so i didnt bring my ben dan haha!

but instead i brought my books :x
and actually tried studying at ecp lols~

didnt take pictures..
too emo :x

until the am.
then i went home.

after that i felt abit more relax.


on sunday.

i stayed at home too!!
zai nan
*super geek.*

hahas but at night~
i went to meet zul and kingwa.
at bugis.

while waiting for bus and in the bus.

took alittle picture for fun. LOLS~
but didnt take any picture of them. haha.

and i got home with these.

3 tees~ from bugis streets.

my mum and sister scolded me =.=
but i think its nice~
isnt it?

unique lols!

then at night.
i cook this for supper.
maggie mee.
but its nice!

elaine got this for me..
i cant bear to eat it~
it is from japan.

but i still EAT IT!
for breadfast hahas!
on the saturday i guess.

let me show to make it disappear.

(1) 4/4

(2) 3/4 left

(3) 1/4

LOLS i bited too big..
so had to skip 2/4

(4) GONE~

hmm.. this is all the work in the 2 days..
flooded my table =.=

now, for today.

went to school as usual.
and shoot some pictures.
people say pictures shows a thousand words.
so more pictures = more words~

breaktime~ in the gents with zul :D

saw my tee? chio arh~

hakim, zul, ervin headless (camera shy), ivan.

zul : " i look yandao in this pic arh! "
the rest : " LOLS bhb~ "

one of the boring labs..

while waiting for bus home..
i signed my name on the floor hahas!

this is my " gay partner " HAHA!

this is me!

this is us! LOLS!


and this is my bag.
colourful ya..

hahas it is just another day for me~
seeyah soon! tomorrow.
and farewell! today.

some facts to share..
boys will always be boys


jiayou to myself..!
i can do it~

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