Friday, May 15, 2009

my eyes~

blog. long time no visit you le~
got miss me?

why i haven't been updating you?
ohh.. because this few days..
super tired..
everyday slept around 1+
i also forget what have i been doing already.
not online.
but just super tired only.

only yesterday.
i get to sleep all the way to now..

i slept at 9pm~ early right?
im a good boy haha!

i thought i just taking a rest sitting on my bed.
but the next thing i know is.
it is 3am in the morning.
i went to the toilet
and go back to sleep.

my mum told me that.

i slept like a DEAD PIG yesterday.

MUM : " what happened? why yesterday so tired? "
" once touches the bed.. SLEPT. "
ME : " oh? ah.. i guess too tired already.. :x "

these few days was sick too..
got flu headache too~haha!
but don't worry.
its just normal flu =.=
causes? = not enough sleep.

but after a good rest.
im all better~

this is my ben dan when they were 2 mths old!
and it's also the very first day
they step into my house~
super cute~

now some random pictures that happen in the week..

on Monday.

this stupid thing..
i forget to bring to school.
i had to go back home just to retrieve it.
=.= super clumsy =.=

and below is some lame and emo shots after bathing

on Tuesday.

my left eye~

my right eye~
can see how tired am i, everyday?

i had my basic theory test on Tuesday!~

so i asked syaiful and zhao qin to accompany me~
hahas! that is zhao qin little middle finger lols

syaiful hands did that effect~ nice~

stupid syaiful successfully avoid being captured in here~

since they are camera shy~

so i did it myself LOL

saw the result?

while in the room.
im so nervous, im so afraid that i might fail.
but eventually~ i passed hehe.
on wed.
i guess this is the only picture i took.
it is in the bus hahas.
and notice! there is 2 different colour pen.
read the lighter colour pen first.

super crap.
on Thursday.
while in my maths lecture.

i copy everything teacher wrote~
but i still don't understand.

this is me.. while waiting for socialogy lecture.
super boring. ><

that's all~

and some tips~

zoo is not a safe place for girls~


some interesting pictures

seriously are they couple?
so sweet right?
i want to do this with my gf too~ lols~
if i had one.
and frame it everywhere in our future house!



now is 12pm
in the afternoon.


tonight? hmm see first LOL~

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