Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Belated National Day :D

sad sad face.
why? because not happy lorh.
cute huh? :D
the wang wang baby biscuit. hahas

Cereal! :D:D

last Sunday.

i went to visit my ah ma.
she still sick. but better a bit le.
but still very worried.
please. get well soon alright!

at ah ma place with bro.

from Monday to Thursday.

school days = boring days.
stress. quizzes. study.
i haven't really start studying anything.

Ervin all time shuffler & hakim. lolx

my maths quiz = 12/20
can say lowest in class.
average = 14/20.
but at least didn't fail.

then on Friday.

my project group went back to school as planned to try finish our project.
stupid MCT. i really hate java. i don't get it.
we spilt the jobs and tried to finish it asap.
but still stay till late night & not finish yet.


plus Hakim is sick! fever 38.7degree.
H1N1!!! jkjk~
we persuade him to go back first but he just want to stay.
so i accompanied him to the smoke chamber (stair ways)
and get him some bread. the scenery is nice at night.
good spot for couples, just a bit smokey =.=

and this is ervin =.=
see the way he sit & relax? like pro lehh. lols!


yesterday yesterday yesterday(Saturday)

stayed at home trying to study.
but! i couldn't. whenever i tried sitting down and taking out my pencil.
i will lost my mood to study. no mood. arghh.
fail liao. fail liao. =.=
arghh. :(
slacked a lot.
till night. dad suddenly wanted to bring us out.
so my family went to orchard.

see this freaking hell tall female statue.
at least 3level high.

escalator to heaven.

walk till closing. then we went to eat.
at old airport road. $27 in total.
but the food sux seriously.
boo. haha.

yesterday yesterday (sunday)

Happy National Day!

hahas all the way till 6pm
emo at home trying to do revisions.
but don't know how to do.

then suddenly remembered jackson message.
so i called him. and ask if he wanna go out slack.

he was LATE! 30mins.
we met at marina square at 830pm.

i wanted to see the fireworks but today.
damn disappointed. it only last awhile.

can you spot me?

just joking. im not in there =.=
just see the flow of people. non stop~

& i saw friends.
1st: shail.
2nd: Irlada.
3rd: mavis
4th: si ru.

we full of craps.
seriously geeko~
chat about NS, Ghost, Nafa, pull-ups, Girls.
hahaha! what else?

we are both single. what to do? :P haha
even Si ru told me to open eyes go look for one.
=.= like so easy like that.

then we slacking at esplanate all the way to 2am.
reached home at 3am. bath and online a bit.

total amount spent
1. $6 Gloria jean's ice chocolate.
2. $2 Mac Large Coke.
3. $4 Hokkien mee
4. $4 Night rider.
T=$16. not bad ah.

yesterday (monday)

went out with my fearfactors friends.
Nash, Likha, Glenn, Clive, Jackson, Jason & lastly me, Ivan.
long time no meet them le.
at first we agree to meet at 1pm
but i woke up at 1pm! how?
rush rush then reach at 230pm HAHa.

we met and went to play pool first!
crapping around and i won every round!
weee. damn fun. because i won again! :D:D

Likha. Emo.... :x

Jackson & i

Jackson, Ivan, Likha, Clive, Nash

the light stick is actually the cue. with flash haha.
plus jackson looks like he got bangs LOL.

after pool-ing we decided to go ion.
walk walk shop shop.
i wanna buy Jeans! mine was Torn.
so sad. yes i know. ><
but before that.

Glenn & Ivan.

lolx. ITS US.

this is really interesting.
can you see it? :P

after all the walking. we went to cine to makan our dinner!
at xin wang hong kong cafe! the food was damn nice la. lolx.

041 = jason
042 = clive
043 = ivan
044 = nash
045 = likha
046 = no one.
047 = jackson

we all ordered bake rice.
except glenn.

jackson and glenn trying the smile shot.

LOL all trying so hard to smile haha.

there is still more at glenn's and likha camera.

Dinner time :D


and we got the VIP card. haha

and last but not least!

went to school as usual.
boring as usual.

but after school.
stupid uncle jet.
call me to go bugis. play snooker with him.
my first time playing snooker HAHA
quite fun leh got points one.

i kena thrash sia.
pool i okay.
snooker? SUXS!

me 11 : him 48

not easy to play sia.

then while on my way home.

i saw 4 old ah pek.

damn friend friend like primary school kids sia!
chatting in bus and calling each other, names.

waa.. how i wish next time when grow old
also can like that smile smile go out with old friend.
LOLX! damn cute la.


and have a nice day :D



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