Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TODAY! (tuesday)

i had my exams done! weeEeEEe!~
hahas. just happy its all over :D

but sadly for zul. he forgotten the time for exam and mistaken
it at the time 2hours later. so now he had to take the SUBpaper.

during the exam. im the last to leave the the room.
others were done so quickly. in my mind. " waa so pro ah? "
lolx. even hakim and ervin went out damn early.
from hakim i heard that.
when they are waiting for me outside..
"why is ivan so slow?"
"he must be checking the paper super many times."

hahas the fact is YEA! i check it 3 time before i pass up!
and i found one careless mistake!
this is why i don't like to leave the room before exam is over.
right? :D:D

after exam! kingwa, ervin, ahmad & me went to mac.
i keep disturbing ahmad. haha! cos fasting month.
muslim cant eat till night time.

after that syaiful called me to meet him.
so i met him at (TPY) ToaPaYo!~ CUT HAIR!

Before hair cut :D (while on the way)

then i was late as usual :D
cut my hair for $18

stupid clay they use.
wash twice with shampoo, hair still not soft yet.

can i dye my hair.
what colour is nice?

plus how on earth some CHIJ girls even know me?
lols!~ today at TPY
a group of chij, kc girls i guessed.
shout out my name, look and smile and ran away.
i was like " ah? syaiful did you heard my name? " who ah? *stunned*
LOL seriously i don't know them.
lower sec girls? hmm cant rmb anything.
then of cos i ignored and left :D

today my phone whole day is with syaiful.
my personal camera man. LOL
a guy that like to take picture. but without a camera.

while waiting for train.

to go Orchard Central.

we reached and decided to play with 5 ladys. :P

hahahaha! was trying damn hard to ignore the
people walking pass without laughing.

LOLS!~ this time syaiful Laughed. and shook the cam.

im blaming him for taking it so slowly ahahhaa! damn paiseh.

my girlfriend~ MUACKS!~ lolx!
success! :D


close up LOLX.



titanic~ lalala~

* seriously i didn't touch ok! it is the angle problem. * swear!
LOL (shy) :x

Mr cow on my back. EMO.

we went to Sony and play PS3 haha!

legs tired. squatting HAHA

like some small kid playing game.
im trying to break their record!

my legs.

then we went to ion's uniqlo.
looking for jeans.
$69.90 not bad la.

green effect hahas.

nice? :D

and i bought this watch at $15.90
nice? hahas.

after all that walking. GO HOME!

im a good boy. i do cleaning.
fan, aircon, floor, plus wiping dust.

mum came to check. :)

damn dirty. =.=

this time. my bro is the photographer.
nothing better to do.

only i tall enough to reach the fan with a chair :(

arghh. then now my legs damn pain.
walk whole day without soaking them into hot water and relax.
how i wish i had a sweet wife can help me prepare all this sia.
LOL!~ those drama shows all like that de.
wife helps hubby prepare hot water to bath and massage legs
HAHA! im dreaming la.

and now seriously going to dream land.


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ITS HOLIDAY! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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