Monday, September 7, 2009

~bored bored~

on saturday (5/9)
went out with syaiful & zhaoqin to bugis.
they still haven't finish exam.
oh so sad~ :P

this is syaiful. *damn difficult to get him in here*

me! eating infront of him :D
got pork! HAHA.

after bugis we went kallang :)

stupid syaiful.

ultimate camera blocker.


Zhao Qin & Ivan.


i eat again :D
they wanted kfc. but i got cough.
so i want to skip the chicken.
so i ate Pork again :P

seriously. piggys = damn cute.
plus poor thing. because = food.
muslim don't eat them = good thing.
but they treat them = dirty. :(

then of cos went home lorh.


on Sunday. (6/9)
Zul asked me out to cityhall at first.
then to airport =.="

looking for jobs~

we were chatting if there is terrorist
just a few shot of the bazooka on that building.
will the whole thing fall? :D

and on that day, there are many Indians.
maybe some plane from India just landed.

Zul & I.
in the toilet.

as usual he went home early.


ah. no mood.
lols. sleepy.

and today (7/9)

i dyed my hair.
paiseh no pictures.
lols~ but it look the same la.
just abit brown under light.
maybe i should just BLEACH it.
make it white :P

ah just moodless.

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