Wednesday, September 23, 2009

im missing in action.
why? because no action.
sighh. my life is boring.
yeah. bored.
boo hoo hoo~

here are some videos.
they are really good. :x

How to get up, eat breakfast and get ready for work in 5 mins!

he did not bath & tidy his hair. =.=

How to Cheat On A Exam!!!

lols~ i think it will work! :X

Hilarious Banned Commercial


SINGING your McDonalds order!!

real cool~


are you bored?
cause im~

just this few days i then started watching

because my sis brought the dvds back!~

im slow. yes i know.
not much friends you know?
so movies. hmm.. difficult to watch.
unless watch it alone la.

i tried that apple. not nice. :x
with some one's hairy arms...

hahahas this is real cool.


benben is the black one. dandan is the white one.
lols. lazy dogs.





hahas damn cute. :P

Giant foot print on the beach.

tiny footprints~

if any of you see people sitting on the concrete tables / benches.
with 2 pups, one white one black.
meditating. at east coast park.

thats me!
seriously, meditating hahahas.
some times we just have to enjoy the breeze.
close your eyes and relax~

there is once, i fell asleep while meditating.
and got an ultimate shock, totally freak me up
when benben started barking at another dog.
(chua tio sia)

only during the holidays i can then really spend time with them.
hahas. sounds real sad. ops.

super cat~

some lazy people. walk the dog like this =.=

please do not feed the animals!~
but the young boy is cute la. (:

sure is a pro next time. :X

yea~ Marriage = paying forever.
HaHAs~. agree? :P

why do i feel empty?
i need some one, some things to fill me.
who? what?

i don't know.
tell me?

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