Thursday, September 3, 2009

if i got one million dollar SONG!~
in hokkien :D

nice sia.
but if i really got one million dollar
i wont stop doing anything.
and even work harder to get my 2nd million :D

on Tuesday. (1/9)

i went out with Dawei. :D

go walk walk at parkway.
looking for jobs~
play arcade~

walk till at night lorh.
then go geylang serai pasimalam.
this month fasting mth + soon hari raya.
so many many muslims there.
we went there to feel the heat :D

before that.
we played at the playground..

damn stupid here. i still falls off from the see-saw.
like some little kindergarten school kid. =.=
as dawei is heavier than me. so when he reached the ground im in the air.
because of boys nature. we tend to play more violently.
so and thats why i flew out and landed with my butt!
it hurts okay. :(

hmm.. not as nice as my school's malay stall.
almost the same la. :D

after that we went to play Billiard/snooker.
fierce match!
22 : 21

we are both noobs but i still win :D
by one point! HAHAHA
happy~ sha lala~


then Wednesday (2/9)

Joyce, Mad, ME!
with Mad's friends
went to zouk! at outram or china town area.

BOO!~ okok only la
is actually we dont know how to enjoy la.
lolx. still newbie to this.

but had fun tgt with them.

coke vodka if im not wrong.

its us~
from the left.
Ivan. Joyce. charlene. Melissa. Madeline. Joseph.

BOO!~ hahaha!

Joseph & I


Joyce is DAMN RED. :x

after that we went to mac and eat breakfast.
and took the first bus home.
slept at 7am+ & woke at 2pm+


and TODAY! (3/9)
thursday :D

woke up by a call from (winter tear).
ask me to go interview.
confirm can get de lorh..

but i dont really like.
so still deciding whether to take up this job or NOT?

then i went to parkway and met up with hakim.
before he reached. i went to jack place's and ask how is the pay like.
$5.5/hr plus looks relax.
so i hope they will call soon :D

so i don't have to rot at home :x

at 7.10pm
hakim break fast.
so we went to MACS!

and then POOL AGAIN!~
hahas! favourite :D:D

overall i win againn~
7 : 5

hahas HAPPY~ sha la la~


some big news here!.

Disney buys Marvel for the tidy sum of 4 billion dollars.

Can you imagine the next set of Marvel movies coming out to be rated... PG?! Spider-Man will be swinging through buildings shooting out little swirls of sunshine from his hand. The Avengers will don ears as Mickey Mouse joins the ranks. Wolverine will replace his claws with lollipops. Sunshine, daisies everywhere!

credited. StephanieDFung

im so looking forward for that! lollipop claws HAHA

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