Tuesday, September 1, 2009

who are you?
im ivan.
someone that is easily being forgotten about.
:D so many ivans around ahhaas! :x
im just another one :P

how can i not re-blog this cute picture.
got this from morgan's blog.
i like reading her blog :D so many cool pictures.

a very creative and cute condom advertisement.
HAHA. if you get what it meant. :P

another one of my favourite korean drama shows.
(Likeable or not)
168 episodes.
showing on channel 8 every weekdays 7pm.
BUT NOW. no more. happy ending as expected.


Kim Ji Suk as Kang Baek Ho

Han Ji Hye as Na Dan Poong
she really cute~
*one of the reasons why i catch this show :P

Jo Dong Hyuk as Na Sun Jae (Dan Poong's brother)

Yoo In Young as Bong Soo Ah

Lee Young Eun as Hwang Ji Young

now to continue my boring/exciting life story :D
(please circle your ans)

on sunday 30/8
i went out with Raymond.
my primary school friend.
he is the only one that still keep in contact with me.

we went to parkway.

his favourite show is WWE. world wrestling entertainment.
imitating some champs HAHA!

hamsters = CUTE!

so tiny. so furry.

this is one of the breed i kept last time.
my fei fei~ ( hamster name)
R.I.P le.
miss it loads!

this is also another breed i kept.
the one that Wei ting gave it to me. because her friend abandon it.
so i adopt it. but also R.I.P le.

die of old age.
im a good owner ok. :D


and today, monday, 31/8.
after noon. i went out with zul.
went to town to look jobs.
but? none.

then at night.
i met dawei.
and brought my bendan out for a walk :D


hahas they wanna follow me in. at parkway shopping..

but i tied them outside and enjoyed the aircon myself HAHA.

look at benben~
benben : " i want aircon too!~ :( "

hahas many people love them. ALL BIAS!. dont love me. :(

but i love them too~ *tongue*

they outside :x
im inside :D

hahahas! look at them. cute la.

ignored me. >:(

then we went to roxy square.
there not much people de.
so i bring them in. ENJOY AIRCON!~ :D

DAWEI IS IN!~ with bendan :D

im in TOO~

guys talk haha!

doggys are men best friend.

benben & dandan
is my best friend, my son & daughter. :)

we are all getting old.
i wonder when will i make my first 1million.


at least i have dreams. :P

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