Saturday, April 11, 2009


watch THIS!
i got it from a Sirong facebook AHAS!
and decided to share :x

damn FUNNY! :DDD

OYAH madeline. my cousin hahas!
her birthday just pass not long ago!
I COULDN'T WISH HER! (so not my fault right?) :x
hahas madeline birthday is on the 8/4/09


today actually planned to go out with mad and joce.
but last min cancel.

and this survey!
i got it from mad, its a BGR survey
just wanna try it hee!

A would you consider me survey? (Q&A) LOLS
questions and answer~


1. Q : When she fall and got hurt.
A : i will help her clean her wounds first. if too deep or too painful,
i will carry her to the hospital or doctor! * flag flag taxi* :x

2. Q : When she say she want a name brand item
A : i will try my best to save and earn $. and buy it for her.
without her knowing ^^ meaning a surprise! :DD

3. Q : While watching a horror movie
A : i will hug her tightly saying I'm here. don't be afraid..
and kiss her on the cheek :P

4. Q : When her voice crack while singing
A : i will laugh and say " you very cute lehh!!!! "
then maybe kiss her on her lips :P
and sing along with her :DD

5. Q : When my friend says he likes her.
A : I'm confident! the girl i choose wont like my friends LOL!
but of course.. i will go up to him and confront him.

6. Q : When she is mad at me
A : i will ask for the reasons first and apologise
even if i think I'm not in the wrong.
then try my best to make her smile and laugh by
telling jokes and hope she will forgive me :x

7. Q : When i meets her friends
A : i will say hi and smile try to mix in
but of course will stay closer to her!
holding her hand at all times :D

8. Q : On her birthday
A : i will make a DIY (do it yourself) present for her
AND bring her to somewhere romantic and give her a BIG SURPRISE!
if she doesn't get touched. im not called ivan!

9. Q : When we kiss
A : i will look deep into her eyes,
slowly move my head closer to her's
and MUACKS! then slowly close my eyes
and enjoy that passionate moment :x

10. Q : When it’s raining and we only have one umbrella
A : i will hug her tightly and be 100%..
nooo! 1000% that she doesn't get wet
even if i, myself, get totally drenched.

i also wanna try playing in the rain with her too^^

11. Q : When she say she wanted to break up
A : i will get SHOCK! and anxiously ask
" why!? what did i do? i need an explanation! what happened? " and stuff..
i will try my best to hold her back but
if she really want a break up, i will let her go.
wishing her good luck and take care.. *cries*

12. Q : When we go to the amusement park
A : i will ask her where you wanna start first?
i wont force her if she is really afraid.
but i will ride on it my own LOL!
don't wanna miss the fun!! XD
alittle pangseh right? :x maybe i won't la..
accompany her all the way!!! XD

13. Q : When i am paying at a restaurant but has no money
A : i won't even go and eat in first place.
but if i really forgot that i had no $ with me.
i will omg.. and panic x.x
then whisper to her " lets go.. "
and flee together.. :x

14. Q : When she talk to another guy
A : of course will jealous a bit but i think i will just ignore
not showing that I'm jealous :x
and ask what are they talking about?

15. Q : When i can’t reach her through the phone
A : i will keep calling until she picks up
if she still did not pick up the phone i will rush down to her place..

Q : When she tell me she love me
A : i will reply her I LOVE YOU TOO BABY
and give her a DEEP passionate kiss hee!
hugg her up and turn round and round :DD

you must be thinking alittle too dramatic?
its because i don't think girls will express their words so straightforwardly
and i think its cute if i was told by the girl i love! :DD

17. Q : When we’re shopping
A : i think i will be more enthusiastic than her.
walk from shops to shops and
pick out many many clothes for her to try on.
and have fun while doing it :DD

18. Q : When she act cutely (like a kid)
A : i will smile and kiss her!! cute~

19. Q : When we get held up by a gang
A : i will grab her hand and run while had the chance!
make sure she is safe first is my first priority.
before any other stuff..
call the cops asap too! :D


11 april!


hahas! you didnt tell me its your birthday =.=


i very noob de :x


here is a joke.

The class was very noisy just now because there wasn't any teacher,
but now everyone suddenly turned quiet.
That is because the fierest teacher in the school had entered the class.
Her face is as fierce as a lion which will bite anyone's head off if offended...
And if you wanna know more.... follow the lesson.

Students: Good morning, teacher.

Teacher : (shouting) Why is it only good morning? What about afternoon and night????

Students: Good morning, afternoon and night teacher.

Teacher : That is unacceptable! It is too long. Just wish me best
regards for my whole day! That is much better as it is easier and
full of meaning. And that greeting can also be used for all times.

Students: Best regards teacher!

Teacher : That's better, sit down! Listen. Today I'm going
to test you all on words that have the opposite meaning.
When I say a sentence or a word, all of you must answer quickly the
opposite meaning to the words, understand??

Students: Understood teacher!
Teacher : I do not want any disturbance!

Students: (silence)

Teacher : Clever
Students: Stupid

Teacher : High
Students: Low

Teacher : Popular
Students: Calafare

Teacher :Wrong
Students: Correct

Teacher : Stupid
Students: Clever

Teacher : No
Students: Yes

Teacher : Oh God
Students: Oh Slave

Teacher : Listen to this
Students: Listen to that

Teacher : Quiet
Students: Noisy

Teacher : That's not a question, stupid
Students: This is an answer, clever .

Teacher : I'm dead
Students: We're alive

Teacher : I'm lazy to teach
Students: We are hardworking to learn .

Teacher : Enough! Enough!
Students: More! More

Teacher : Stop! Stop!
Students: Start! Start!

Teacher : Why are you people so stupid
Students: Because I am someone clever

Teacher : Lack manners!
Students: Taught enough!

Teacher : O.K.Lesson has ended!
Students: K.O. Lesson has not started!

Teacher : Enough,stupid!
Students: Not yet, clever!

Teacher : Stand up
Students: Sit down

Teacher : I said CALAFARE was wrong!
Students: We said POPULAR was correct!

Teacher : You people are dumb!
Students: We are gifted!

Teacher : All of you must stay back this afternoon!
Students: Released tonight

Teacher : (Keep quiet, gather her books and went out)

tummy ached sia, laugh too much..

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