Friday, July 24, 2009

another boring week.

Ervin, Hakim, Ivan, Zul
they are the one i hang out with most of the time in school.
because of projects.

and i visited my ah ma on Monday.
she is still sick. im worried for her.
she lose weight le.
gonna visit her again soon.

my ah ma sees me off.

somewhere at hougang.
so deserted.

walking in the lonely road~ lols.

then on tuesday.
while on the way to school.
read the papers.

from $79 - $86 per person.
buy one get one free?
28june to 30 sept~
who want come with me? :D

BJ massage HAHA!!

wow. $5k, $30k. per month CRAZY~
i think 30k is plus all special package LOL.

the different between escort & cleaner. $450.

on wednesday.

my project group decided to finish everything of progauto today.

ahmad the photographer for the day.



the lab



working hard.

stupid ahmad take a picture of his own inside. LOL

ervin & zul

the group.

and finally completed. now one down. two more to go.

on thursday.

straight away after school. went to play ping pong.
should have changed before playing.

saw that big tear on my jeans exposing my boxer?
a small hole, after being pull a few time.
it became a big hole.
damn troublesome, using bag covering the hole all the way home.
hahas it has been 2 years. should change already.
maybe this weekend go get a new one.


anyone witness the eclipse?
singapore not affected.
so sad.

Solar eclipse in Chongqing

it will be another hundred plus years just to witness it again.
no hope. hahahaha.

my bendan give me love.

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