Saturday, July 4, 2009

stupid com breakdown for 5days.

worst thing is CANNOT ON!~
how to use?

anyone got this feeling before?
sure got de la.
i experience this
just last week.
then cant blog.
forgotten some interesting things already.
so will just show more pics

tuesdays i guess~
while waiting for lesson.
zul ervin & i
went to library slack. read some magazine.

and found this.
then keep suanning ervin LOL!

*Mixing around with obese friends increases the chance of
obesity by 57 percent!!*

i must mix with them more~ i want to grow FATTER!
ervin! pass me some of yours~ :P
and yet zul said get away from me~ HAHAHA!

after that went home and wanted to try see whether
com still not working?

these were some of those super errors

blarblarblar.... then i decided to call lenovo and ask them come REPAIR!
under warranty~ so ITS FREE!

next day~
while in class~
pictures credited to KINGWA!~

zul sleeping

ervin meditation~

kingwa & shakina~
credited to hakim.

after school while going back home
i saw my pathetic jeans again.
but kinda fashion right?
it is torn! but if i dont say it.
nobody will know too right?. :x
but still gonna get a new one soon!

and on my laptop bag.

smiley faces on our everyday temperature sticker
credited to Rebecca! cute huh!

and this is on thursday night.
dawei came visit me~
while im packing all my messy clothes~

dawei : " your house like shopping center sia. so many shirts~
then he pick some he some that he like and tried on.

decided to cam whore~
me & dawei~

posing number 1~

number 2~

number 3~

number 4~

number 5~
i thought no one can take my zi lian title away~
but~ he can!!!!

clothes ( 60% ) only.

actually messier~

then today!
friday afternoon!
this guy came!
he is from lenovo~ came to save my laptop~
see him dissecting my laptop.
so interesting~
yet complicated.

finally~ i can use my com le~
stupid ervin & hakim & zul.

suan me~
my com back liao!
you dieeee!!!!

and chatting with a nurse-to-be on msn just now.
it has been a long time since i have been chatting
laughing so hardly already. thanks haha!
TAKECARE once again!

alright gonna sleep! goodnight!

some ice rain in china did this.

pretty cool huh~ :D:D


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