Tuesday, July 7, 2009

everyday is so tiring~

lazy to blog = lazy to remember what is going on.
arghh. so lazy nowadays.

oyah. i got into aerospace engineering (AE) elective. as planned.
but a bit of pleasure or excitement also don't have.

at first, people say gpa must 3.5 and above. then got chance to go in.
zul, ervin & me.
striving so hard to get a seat.
lols. but in the end, zul chose another elective.
yet ervin and me, felt nothing. even though got it AE.
like a bit too easy to get in le.
Ervin : " Even a bit of sense of achievement also don't have. "
hmm.. nvm.. just dance~

on monday 4hrs of lab.

selfish ervin~

selfish eugene.

got book don't want share. still sabo~
my class ah.. equals = (sabotaging class)

stupid quiz. i think got 1/4 of the marks sure gone.

zamir~ our class "gay"~

hakim and zul.
don't know looking at what.

then today.
woke up at 6.
reach school at 8.
then meaning got 4hrs break.
because next class is at 12pm.
WTF?!? sleep and play games in library to kill time.
viwawa, sushido~ dare come challenge me?! >:D:D

me, rebecca, dean.
in library lift.

nowadays i like to do moon walk.
michael jackson's trademark.
then kept doing in school.
anytime anywhere. buey paiseh.
LOL! then my classmates all damn paiseh.
=.= say i throw their face. =.=
this kinda of classmates also got.
hahas wanna learn and practice only what?
& i think i did pretty good LORH.

and got a new nickname from ahmad.
ivan the Michael Actson.
=.= super lousy name. :x haha.

lastly. Garfield.

goodday. goodnight. goodbye.

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