Monday, July 13, 2009

i got cough, headache. issit symptom of h1n1? ><

it has been awhile since i last played my guitar..

i still can play ok!
just a little not that good anymore. haha.

was actually supposedly to sleep by 10pm.
im in such a comfortable position, nicely waiting to travel to lala land.
but my AH-MA came and felt irritated by my messy bed room.
many papers dumped aside, corners, collecting dust.
so she pull me up and want me to clear them.

2 full bags of paper lying around my rooms.
from poly year 1 to 2. just to do my revision.
i used up so many. poor trees. im sorry.
i hope they will recycle you alright!

now it is alittle neater. but not much different la.
my house is an old house. 10years since i lived here.
unless renovate. if not it will not look much of a different.

in a Chinese idioms " just one blink, it is all past. "
time flies, so treasure them.

then all the way till 12am i den get to sleep.
nag nag nag~ really irritating haha.
but if she wasn't at home.
i will miss her nagging. :D
im crazy yes.

and i woke up at 5am in the morning today.
just because of a dream.
a nightmare.
i dream myself bathing!
and i actually took off my clothes preparing to bath!
then slowly coming up to my senses. i saw myself half naked!
with my tees stuck half way on my head. lol
seriously scary!
what a human brain can actually do!
then of cos i go back to sleep.

then, i went to school.

today got maths quiz.
it sucks. i didnt study. so flunked my last question.
really stupid. haha.

what a lousy day today.
was coughing and had slight headache.

went home straight after school as usual.
had a nap and now here.
gonna sleep soon already.

i saw a giant grasshopper today in school.

in chinese grasshopper is called qing ting.
hmm.. so familiar. so.......

quoted this from somewhere.
" Cus i know when i fall in love, i will fall for forever.
That little feeling will still eventually linger around "

same here.
that's why i really hate that feeling. that linger around feeling.
it just make you feel damn bad.

短暂的拥有, 只换来明天的更寂寞.

i suddenly felt lonely. haha. why?
i don't know.

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