Sunday, June 28, 2009

my first club. :D

yesterday 28/6/09

went back to school in the afternoon
to do project.
with Zul Ervin Hakim & me.

after that we went tam1 Carl's jr to eat :D:D
super big burger.
quite filling haha.

pretty good! free flow of drinks :D

after that about 8pm
we left and GO HOME!

suddenly~ *ring..riing*
Madeline : " ehh ivan~ wanna go clubbing? very last min LOL "
Ivan : " ARH? NOW? LOL~ ermm.. okok~ i call joyce too! :D "
then about 11pm we reached at Clark quey.

at rebel
okok la~

2 free drinks.
not bad la.
hahaha! quite some time didn't get into this kinda atmosphere already.
the last time was at ngee ann poly zoukout.
pretty similar.

total of 9people including me if im not wrong.
3guys and 6 girls

and here is some pictures.
there were more! but not with me yet :x

oyarh i rmb there is this 2 girls.
dancing infront of joyce mad & me.
hot dance. sia la~
free show! :D
then they ask me go grind them sia.
i dont want. LOL

me & jocelyn (red face)

half of me, joyce & mad.

ME! joyce & mad! (cousins!)

made quite a number of friends in there.
hahas im pretty a stone there. for the beginners
i think its best to just chill first LOL!
dont move too much~ :x

people around ask me "why so sian~"
i felt bad :P but im not sian la.
maybe dont wanna sweat. thats why? LOL!
ya stupid & lame excuse.
i drank 5 glass. including the 2 free drinks.
3 others were people around me give me de :D
there is a group of guys i met. really friendly lol
ahaha! hopefully can see them soon again!

after that.
about 3am++
we went out.

damn stupid. midnight doing pumping at clark quey
then people walk pass : " Waa you very fit ah~ "

joyce doing guys pumping haha STRONG!

after that we walk around.
waiting for bus and train to start.

then i felt a bit nauseous.
stupid la. vomited alittle.
haha! but felt great.
slightly tipsy. but not drunk.

lying down below those all buildings.

then at about 7am.

my shoe got dirty.
but i washed it just before i went to sleep.

oya! and micheal jackson pass away.
pretty sad.
i like his moon walk :D:D
just view some of his past MVs
hmm~ and rest in peace!



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