Thursday, June 11, 2009

yesterday went out with jocelyn~
looking for shoes!

i found the one i wanted already.
green converse.
gonna get it today i guess.

we went to
suntec. marina square. far east.
wisma. taka. heeren. cine.
up and down.
in and out.
whole day~

us! while waiting for joce to try her shoe.


joce and me~

me trying out shoes.
actually wanted to get this.
from pedro.

but i got a similar one already.
so i plan get a different one :D



and when we are in Zara & Pedro.

jocelyn: " why wanna wear what older people wear?
now still young should wear like sneakers or some
other brands like vans or converse.
why you see those ah pek shoes? *ahpek as in mature. lols*

ivan : " nice what? nice then ok le. "

Jocelyn : " this type of shoes wait till you 20+ then wear la?
now wear teenagers shoes la. lol "

ivan : " o.O "


(formal wears, blazers)
jocelyn : " wear this out like weird leh. "

ivan : " but do i look good with it? lols~ "

jocelyn : " ya nice, but also for at the age of 20+ "

ivan : " look at that middle age married man?
he wore the same blazer as me. who looks better with it? "

jocelyn : " you. but older men look richer
and got the rich man look. "

ivan : " ya quite true lols~ normally people that wore this
got their own car lols. havent been
seeing people taking bus with it before. "

hahas. so maybe if i get it. i will remove it before taking bus lol.

price = $259

-zara's blazer $259
-tough's jeans $190
-zara's jacket $89
-converse's shoe $110

hmm~ SO EX! sigh. haha.
nvm slowly~ :D

Gloria Jean's coffee~
after all that walking finally some relax abit haha.


if you think fat is ugly?
think again.

eeee. like walking skeleton.



if they fall, will they break into many parts?~


Arghh.. *puke*


sad.. dont have the most important thing in girl~


i sure hope singapore can flood with rains again.
the weather is killing!
HOT! :x

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