Saturday, June 13, 2009

" YOU ARE dumped!
My Facebook relationship status
is now SINGLE
and i've blocked you on Myspace
Have a nice life
i wont talk to you later. "

this is the worst breaking up style.
smsing / texting LOL!
super loser dont you think so?

oya and today not much pictures.

i just remembered.
sociology, apel, mct, progauto.
this 4 projects i haven't start a bit.
im so lazy.
by this week gonna finish it!
i will! >:D

today went out with Jiawei to Jason house.
to burn games~

we met at bugis to get my shoes!
converse. green one.
it cost me $110.45
stupid GSS only 15% discount.
and 4 pair of socks
redish pink, orange, yellow, green = $11.
no picture :D lazy to shoot =.=
next time ba? :D:D:D

after getting shoes and socks~
plan to get some new boxers soon!
wore that at home everyday.
with nothing else.
hot~ so have to wear little little~
at home = faded colour shirts and boxers.

no people around so i don't really care :D
even if got people i also don't really care :P

but now most of my boxers wash till got many many holes!
so cannot don't care.
you don't want to see. but i don't want to let you see it even more.

then we went to bugis new shopping mall.
whats the name again?
never mind.

in there very big~
ermm.. what i meant was spacious.
there is an escalator that link from first to the fifth floor!
that long! like roller coaster~
that's the best escalator for the couple i guess.
haha as guys are mostly taller than the girls.
so the girls can stand one step higher and both of you can hug and kissss
all the way to the top hahas :P

before we left we went to buy yogurt and curry puff.

banana spit with yogurt! :D:D

curry puff!

after that we hurried to compass point to meet jason.
and have him fetch us to his place.
and PLAY! :D
PS3, watch TV, burn games, slack around.
but didn't take pictures lols
batteries low.

his parents (Jason) very nice.
bought us MacDonald.
and while eating half way.
we notice the time is 1135.
i quickly stop, pack up, "byebye" and leave.
with jiawei.
lols~ the last bus is at 1145!
10mins! still have to run to the interchange!

we ran like crazy monkeys holding macs with fries dangling in my mouth
about one and a half round football field distance.
damn pathetic.
if we got our own cars! we don't have to run like this already.

when wr reach. i quickly grab someone and ask.
" 43 left? "
bus driver replied.
" its me! go there and wait. "
then i was like ohh~ lucky~
hahas. sweating. with fries still in my mouth.
i mean another fries.

in the bus
= quiet.


the left row.

the right row.

on my left.

on my right.

no people~

that's all for today.
kinda nth much.

now is midnight 3.30am
im still here not sleeping.
tomorrow meeting syaiful and zhaoqin
to suntec IT fair at 12pm.
im surely gonna be late HAHA!
as usual.

gonna let them wait :D
purposely turn hp silent. see what time i will wake?
:P :P :P

~im so evil~
evil laugh~

oya and this.
improve everywhere!
it is gonna be in singapore TOMORROW!
i meant today!
13/6/09 saturday!
at heeran!
i will be there and check it out WAHA!



and lastly some pictures to share.
a bit gross la.

i heard it is at indonesia.
someone charged hp to sleep.

i hope nothing happen to the head :D

i also placed my hp near my head.
but i dont charge it over night :D
so it will never happen to me i guess :D




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