Tuesday, June 9, 2009

orchard with zul

i went out with zul to orchard.
at about.. 6pm
we both late for 30mins
so end up reaching at 630pm
luckily we late together.
if not the early one had to wait for the late one :p

i thought the gss is gonna be WOW!
but. nah. price not much different.
the better looking ones are still more expensive

but maybe will still get one or two the next trip there.

when i alight the bus
i was like wow.
so fast? the 'outer' of this "forget what name" shopping
center outside orchard mrt station is finishing already.
how long have i not been there already.
*geek at home.*

then i met zul at far east.
we were looking for shoes.
and he gotten his. but not me~
lols~ his super cheap $15
ah! forget to take his picture :x
nevermind. next time!
we wonder here and there looking for shoes~
in and out, up and down.

and i found some super cool mirror in one of the shops.
so i decided zi lian abit.
and found that the mirror is bended.

my long body and short legs

now short body long legs lols~


while waiting for zul to try his shoes i tried this hat~
as this shop doesn't have a shoe that catch my attention.

how do i look with it?
it cost $29.90 if im not wrong.
should i get it?
lols i guess not.
SAVE money for better stuff~


in the toilet~

while waiting for zul~

hahas after that we went to eat at cineleisure.
ermm.. burger king.
as usual i ate BK double bbq turkey bacon.
and he ordered that new 7inches burger.

don't get trick by the 7 inches name.
it is TINY!
not even the length of ...
ops. I'm sorry.

and while looking for seats.
both of us don't want to sit facing the counter.
so we both sat facing the outside.
as we are sitting beside each other.
looking at passerby walking pass one by one.
then i was like .
eh we sit like that like weird sia?
like watching movie like that.

hahas then we quickly change sits
and end this stupidity.

after that
we went to Gloria jean's coffees.
just outside cineleisure.

and i had my ice chocolate.
he had cookies and cream?
forget already.

mine was nice!
as there is promotions.

not bad la quite cheap le.


so today i spend $10 on food only!
$7 burger king + $3 drinks

im a good boy
i dont any how spend $ :D

not today haha

seriously i need a new pair of slippers and shoes.

my shoes got hole & my slippers stripe torn.

oya and this.
i guess many people had gotten this as well.
at orchard mrt 7-11 there.
i was approached by a lady
asking me to give her my number.
no la.. actually is some modeling thing.

it is another scamming stuff i guess.
nothing good will come so easily.
and im not good looking either

after that i went home le lorh.
tired. but still blog.

SEE my facebook Resturant city!
chio huh!?! hahas!
5 stars! and 50 fingers up!
:D :D :D

here is some special coffees cream design.
or whatever how you call it.

all look super nice.
cant bear to drink it.


goodnight and takecare.

*btw im with nobody*

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