Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i failed my FTT.
final theory test.
stupid enough.
im damn sad now.
really no mood.
sink to the very bottom of my heart.
still sinking.

i couldn't swallow it. because before the test.
there is a e-trial test.

i passed both the e-trial test but failed the main test.
seriously stupid enough la.
1st passed, 2nd passed, 3rd failed.
damn dumm la!
just fail that ONE and OUT YOU GO~

to people that wish me bad luck.
thanks~ you happy now?

to people that wish me good luck.
thanks~ but sorry to disappoint you.. :X

very disappointing.
seriously.. very disappointing.
i passed both the e-trial without the aids of the book.
with 90% and 94%
but failed the final one.
with lets say one or two questions?

stupid la!
damn. DAMN! DAMMNN!!!!!


seriously damn sad.
of cos i will retake.
not everyone can pass it with one try.
but still. it hits my confidence alot.
a bit lose confidence already.
i don't know if i can do it again.

sorry for those that have high hopes in me.
im really.. arghh!

stupid FTT.
also is my own fault la.
bought the text book just yesterday at 7pm
start reading at 8pm.
then sleep. and next day (today) go school.
not much time study.
look through only. then head to ubi at 5pm.
did e-trial at 5.15pm till 6pm.
passed both. so confident i wont fail the final one.
from 6pm. playing cards with joyce till 6.35pm
went in at 6.45pm
did everything. but failed.
JOYCE PASS! congrats!
i FAILED! congrats too!
=.= dammit.
think about it really very stupid la!

must really study hard before hand.
dont last min hugg on to the pillar.
it won't save you, like me!
just died. STUPID LA!
knn.. e-trial no use la.
stupid. stupid. stupid.


ok. back to something that can let me build back my confidence.
i got 4 examination subjects.
maths, microcontrol techology(mct),
program automation(progauto), principle of dynamics(pod).

i got back 2 of my term test papers already.
pod = 100/100 ( full mark ) :D
maths = 83/100 ( good enough ) :D

but for mct and progauto
i got no high hopes for it.
hmm.. can get B for both im happy with it already.
hope GPA wont drop or wont drop much this semester.

gonna go book for TEST DATE AGAIN! >:(

im so tired.
but still have to do apel letter later..
i can confirm plus chop,
my letter is surely short. lets say 200words?
anyway it's a pass or fail module.
not graded anyway.

oyah. and sociology.
400 words MINIMUM!
some one help me!!~
my English = alamak..

the only module i get D+ in poly is English.

stupid result slip.

well.. i can do better..


this sux.
what a stupid day today..
sorry to those that read my blog.
really having a bad day today.
i mean. just for that (FAILED)
it really hits me a lot.


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