Friday, June 5, 2009

ever since you left.

what a long day today.

holiday = sian.

i rather go school.
wanna work?
2weeks~ hmm..

today gonna be some emo post i guess.


im seriously becoming ahzai~ *geek*

most of my time at home.
playing with bendan.
watching animes.
play guitar.
jump on my bed.
watch tv.
and sleep.

hahas. why am i so down?

i wanna do something useful.

felt so useless..

why am i so stress up? even though exams over.
and im having holidays now..

why? why? why?

yes. i must make myself useful.

i will ask my mum to teach me a new dish tomorrow.
and my ahma a new dish the day after tomorrow!
i must learn to cook more food!

so i wont die starving!
hope not.

what are guys trouble?

for a guy with family
money? family? career?
for a teenage guy
money? girls? studies? friends?

my studies were great! to compare with my
primary school & secondary school.
im a super slacker then.
never got an A or B before.

but in poly
it is always 'A' or 'B+' for me.
although i got a 'D+' for 1 module.
but people remember that i got a 'D+' and forgets that i still got many 'A's

i got a gpa of 3.75
it is kinda satisfy le.
plus kinda happy for my own result.
as im not the kind that studys.

i got greats dreams~
big houses.
dream cars.

its everyone's dream~

hahas ya i know.
it is a dream.
but at least i had one.
and i will strive for it.

as for money now.
hmm.. haha it is kinda pathetic.

wanna work.
but for 2weeks. unless got lobang.
because i dont want to work during school days.
or my result will surely BOOM!

$5 a meal
$10 is also a meal
$100 is also a meal.
spent what you can affort.
so lets all save money!~

as for friends..
seriously i wonder if i got or not?
i mean serious friends.
maybe a hand full or less..

im a someone that can be fun with (:
but im also someone you dont want to mess with (:
i can take jokes but not too serious kind.

and lastly,

how does a girl brain function.
can someone please invent something.
something that will know what they are thinking.

girls.. = sigh..

why are they so difficult to understand.
and why are we, still thinking of them.
even though knowing there is no hope..

now. even friends also hard to continue...

some one please help me forget about it.
talking about it will only cause more heartaches and headache.

my sis introduce this korean drama to me.
(boys over flowers)
hahas it is now in the tv too.
every sat or sun i guess.

it is the same as taiwan f4
(Meteor Garden)

and she ask me to put this up.
some chibits characters in the show.
i wonder if it will move?


~some pictures to share~

doggys are loyal partners

have tummy with you~

begs with you.

pray with you.

cook with you.

runs for you.

never leaves you behind.

and supports you~

show me that you are a nice pup too!


goodnight and sleeptight.

maybe one day i shall make this blog private.

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