Friday, June 19, 2009

went out to school
attend meeting for bze thingy with the geeks
sry jiawei, didn't really give any much ideas hahas.
kinda helpless :x

and then had to leave to do project.
with zul and hakim. lol
but we did not do anything!!
again~ hmm.. failure~ haha
we gave up haha! seriously dont know how to do lols.

then went out with zul and derrick.
to town.
im like extra lols.
cos they same height.
then i so tall compared to them.
and they talking also looking at each other sia.
seriously people with same height have more stuff to chat about!

me and zul. at far east toilet.
he bought tees, i save $, didnt buy anything.
guai ba~ :D:D

im so hell tired la sighh.
so sleepy too.
thats all. boring. ><

think young~ be young~

lols~ sure hope we will never grow old :x

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