Saturday, June 20, 2009


it has been a long time~
every time bring bendan out is around katong walk walk awhile only.

but today bored.
so planned to go east coast and walk walk hahas.
brought benben out today!
benben is the BLACK ONE.
dandan is the WHITE ONE!

you know what is benben & dandan?
ben dan is STUPID in Chinese.
so ben ben is STU STU.
dan dan is PID PID.

therefore benbendandan is STUSTUPIDPID lol!
no link =.= hahaha!

but actual meaning of ben is stupid.
dan is egg. LOL this is even more no link =.=

and not bias ok! dandan don't like to go out walk walk.
so bring benben is easier.
without benben, dandan wont walk. have to drag.
very troublesome. so i prefer benben lol!
asking why i dont bring both?
troublesome la.
maybe i try bring both next time lorh.
seriously one is ma fan enough liao lols~

but at home i prefer to hug dandan.
she love to be hugged. if not super hyper active.
keep coming to you want hug hug~
haha! damn cute.

then benben don't like to be hugged.
he will like lying beside you. more tame.
but noisy if you ignore him.

if they are together.
equal SUPER HYPER ACTIVE. run here and there.
if they are alone.
then quiet. not that active but dandan will search for benben. then CRY!
but benben more independent.

they only got one bad point.
once they see food. they dont care about you and follow that food =.=
no matter how many times you call their names. no use.
stupid dogs!

but some times when they are outside playing.
i like to hide one corner.
and then shout their name
" BENBEN! " or " DANDAN! "
then he/she turn his/her head but see no one HAHAHAH!
super funny sia! damn cute.
bully sia~ LOL!

stupid benben~ :P


ecp MAC! cannot go in enjoy aircon.

ON THE WAY HOME~ in the underpass~

oya and SO MANY PEOPLE! say
ehh~~~ that small dog so cuteee~~
then all look at him~
i notice everyone's eyes only focus on him sia!
no one look up and see the owner~
stupid people!
:x :x :x :x


and next. more cute doggy hairstyle! :D:D

like some kinda pokemon right! fire attributes~ lols

yandao sia~

upskirt liao la~ haha

chio sia~ LOL

all super cute!


i want cakes too! :x
hungry! :(

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