Wednesday, June 24, 2009

woke up at 6 today.
eat breakfast,
go school.

reach school.
first lesson = take result.
i was like thinking. argh. no hope.
but suprisingly~
i got 34.5/40
happy la! unexpected. :D:D
4hours of lab.
super tiring.
have to grade your own team mates.
then we decided to give everyone 4/5.
hakim, zul, ervin, me.
all 4points so that teacher wont think that we are cheating :D
and during break.
played so many games of dai di.
win most of the time again. :D:D

after mct.
i went for apel lesson.
most people didnt do the asignment.
therefore teacher extended the date line to this friday.
and oyarh .thanks rebecca! :D:D
if not, i sure duno what to do sia.
apel is some thing like form teacher period.
so we get to know all the result of the term test.
Maths = 83/100 A
POD = 100/100 A
MCT = 86/100 A
ProgAuto = 88/100 A
Sociology = 73/100 B

4A 1B.
so damn happy~
but so damn tired now.

hmm.. stupid FTT. cant believe that i fail it.
after passing 2 e-trail.
didn't expect it la..
really very troubling.

hahas. forget it! its over.

after school.
i went to the library with zul and ervin.
they watched Hula Girls and i watched Billy Elliot.
for the sake of sociology.
need to do presentations about the show.

not bad. a guy dancing ballet.
at first i thought that dancing ballet was gay too.
but actually guys also can do what girls do!
and can even do much better than girls!
why not? right? :D

and while watching.
there is a group of girls watching some other shows too.
i forget the name of the movie.
but there is a part where the couples is in bed.
where the female lead actress is removing her undies.
super funny. they are like omg omg.
hahas! then i turn back and WOW~
and totally forgotten about my show and stared into their screen.
haha seriously damn lame.

after the show.
i went to meet jackson jason jiawei at bizen club room.
i win all the time until, rebecca came.
i start losing. :D

jackson, jiawei, ivan.
using the urinal LOL.

then went home.
eat, bath,
and now here!

there are some super cool pictures below.
please enjoy those " bikini BABES "


WAHAHAHA! they can stranger you to death man!

girls~ please know that if you are really this big size.
even guys will be afraid of you.


but if you dont exercise.
you will soon turn to this.

fattt siaaaa~~~~


so sian laaaaaaa~~~

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