Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yesterday fall asleep le.
unable to blog haha.

so in order not to forget precious memories.
i am gonna finish it fast. :D

later gonna meet Jocelyn.
she learns muay thai!~
cool cousin huh! lol
gonna buy shoes together later.

just woke up not long ago.
about 1++ pm then meeting her at 330pm
and now at 2pm already.
im still at blogging haha!

gonna be late again i guess! :P
LOLS she is gonna kill me.

gonna continue about yesterday
~geeks outing~

jackson, jiawei, jason, ivan.
all names starts with J only me = i.
lols like extra like that =_="

jiawei and me met at ps at 3pm
and while waiting for the rest
we went window shopping~

me and jiawei in
P.O.A = people of asia.
i look super old in that lols

i like this! but $109 after discount.
hmm.. im still thinking about it.


its us~


we watched monsters vs aliens!
nice! super funny.
see the poster?
ivan (giant)
jiawei (slime) , jason (cockroach) , jackson (fishman)
hahas. super lame.
giant because im the tallest there :P
slime because he is the lamest there :s
scientist cockroach because he play alot of games :x
fishman because he most big size there LOL




me! and that girl lol

went to astons and spend $13.30
on double up chicken & rootbeer

jiawei, jason.

ivan, jackson.

our food~

yummy.. very nice~

heading to the theater!

3D movie!
it is super cool!
to those that haven't try 3D cartoon movies before.
go try it. it is amazing!
there is one part where
the ball was like popping out of the screen.
then everyone was like "WOW~" :D




hahas the movie is good!
super funny :D
4/5 stars~

before going home~

the geeko~



see my FB farmtown!

can see anything?

I ' am

lastly Garfield!

always be nice to others.
but if you can't
be fast! hahaha!

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